Can You Perform CPR on a Burn Victim?

No one is immune to thermal injury – children can easily come into contact with hot liquids, while adults are more susceptible to fire, gasses, and work-related burning materials. You may be asking yourself – can you perform CPR on a burn victim? The short answer is yes – arrhythmias and heart failures often occur…


What Is the Average Cost of CPR Certificate Classes in Oakland?

When you’re thinking of learning CPR, you might be asking, “What is the average cost of CPR certification Classes in Oakland?” California is one of the many states subjected to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) State Plans, which allows the state to create its own job safety and health program.  Oakland is a city…


What Is the Good Samaritan Law for CPR?

The Good Samaritan law for CPR serves to shield people who want to help someone in a medical emergency from liability in some cases. Imagine you’re on your lunch break and see someone choking. You want to help but aren’t certified in CPR and are unsure how to handle the situation appropriately. In such cases,…