About CPR Certification Oakland

In the event of a heart attack, collapse, or other cardiac emergency, CPR Certification Oakland will provide you with the information and practice you need to become an effective lifesaver. Learning the appropriate response makes all the difference between life and death.

Our mission is to empower the people – all people – to be prepared for any emergency situation. We are dedicated to giving you, our students, the knowledge, skills, and talents necessary to be competent providers in order for you to have an impact on your communities. Helping you prepare for a career in healthcare and assist in your preparation as an individual living in today’s hectic world is our priority.

We are passionate about delivering straightforward and informed education. We want our students to get only the best training. Learning with us is easy, convenient and enjoyable! We offer private, small-group or large-group classes! Join us today and be an effective lifesaver!